LITERATURE (7th and 8th graders) The Chronicles of Narnia 


CLUBS: Creations/ STEM Club, Entrepreneurs Club, Drama Club and Coding Club. 

Clubs are chosen to build confidence and success. We create opportunities for creations and inventions to be sold and teach advertising and more!

If you are thinking about homeschooling, there is no better time than now! We make things easy. 

(Little Shepherds are 4th-8th graders)

For: Science, History, Literature and Art Class

Each curriculum was chosen to meet high standards; matching our needs in quality, affordability, easy operation and most importantly maintaining Christian beliefs and morals.  

 For: English and Math 

For Math and English each student will bring in their own curriculum. Tutors are available on site for any assistance. This encourages self-sufficiency, self-motivation, and gives us the ability to cover such diverse subjects. 

______________MATERIAL LIST _______________

All books, student books and materials for classes must be purchased before classes start on August 15th, 2023. Please bring all materials to class. Everyone will bring their laptops or tablets the first week of classes for set up. 


For SOCIAL STUDIES you will need to purchase both books.

Books pictured above.

>Economics for Beginners a USEBONE book:  1/2 a year course 



>Intro to Finances: Money Matters



You will also need a section in your 3 ring binder. 


For SCIENCE you will need to go to then go to Science curriculums and order:  Books pictured above.

> Health and the Human Body- ONE COURSE BOOK PER FAMILY


Student Journal - ONE BOOK PER CHILD (Make sure you choose the correct grade level for your child. Fourth graders will purchase the fifth grade student journal, we will modify it to meet their needs).

You will also need a section in your 3 ring binder. 

>We will have added Forensic lessons and labs. (There is no book needed for this).


For ENGLISH you will need: Tutors are on site!

Your own curriculum and any materials that curriculum requires.

A section in your three ring binder


For LITERATURE you will need: 

The Chronicles of Narnia: We will read the whole collection this year.

 We will start with The Magician’s Nephew. You can get a free copy online at


For MATH you will need: Tutors are on site!

> Your own curriculum and any materials that curriculum requires.

> A section in your three ring binder


For ART you will need: 

> A Sketchbook with thick paper

Pencils, erasers, color pencils, markers 

> A pack of paintbrushes with initials on each brush

> Rulers 

Geometry Compass


For ART we will be following the curriculums, How To Draw and How to Paint written by Karen Deloach, a local artist, writer and professor that will be joining us this year as one of our art professors! Students may purchase one or both of those curriculums if they would like to. This is not required. 



Class Materials to bring on your first day of class:

One (two or three inch) three ringed binder with six dividers

One pack of pencils, pens, erasers, highlighters, color pencils and markers

Pack of thick Expo markers (red, black or blue only)

Three packs of college ruled paper

One large container of sanitizing wipes 

One box of tissue paper

One large paper towel roll

One large wrapped toilet paper roll 

One twelve inch ruler

A pair of scissors

Index cards

All math supplies  *calculator (make sure you have the correct calculator for your child's math course)


A daily schedule is under the Events and Payment Schedule tab.


  • Never worry about late fees, admin or registration fees! We wave all fees for those paying for the year or half of the year in full. 
  • A material list is provided in the classes tab after clicking on either Little Shepherds or Ambassadors. Read each class carefully to make sure you have all the curriculum books and materials necessary. 
  • Each student will need to bring a packed lunch. Microwaves will not be available. 
  • We are not a peanut or other allergy free facility. If your child has dietary needs, please contact us directly.