If a tutor is needed for anytime during non in-person days, that would need to be scheduled and that fee will be at the discretion of that tutor and would be completed over the Classroom app. 

A payment calendar will be sent to you. As well as posted on this Website under Events and Payment Schedule. 

Payments can be made by:

-Your banking account through Zelle to 843-860-9037 

-Cash, money order or check 

-Venmo @Ashleigh-Morris-32

Make sure your name, your child's name, your email address and your phone number is written in the message area for Zelle payments. 

You will be sent a confirmation email.

All payments go towards renting the facility, paying tutors, getting materials and other supplies. Everything goes back into better serving our children!  

DYA is not responsible for any payments going to the wrong place, you will still be expected to make your payment. Look for our logo when paying. You may also do a test run and send $1 with your name and we will send an email conformation. 

PAYMENT: Participants must agree to the payment form and are acknowledging an obligation to DYA and your responsibility to pay in a timely manner. Payments are in four week cycles and must be prepaid. The due date for payments will be one week before the new four week cycle starts. Payments are due on that Tuesday by 3:00pm. If payment is not made one week before the next class day starts, that student may not be allowed to return until payments are caught up.

Monthly payments made after 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday is considered late, and a $20 late fee will be applied to your balance. Payments must be caught up before that student returns. Please contact us if you are having trouble making payments. Other options may be available.

Should an act of God (hurricane, snowstorm, or other natural disaster) cause us to cancel in-person classes, make up days will be scheduled or a virtual day will be planned. Payment for that week will still be required.


ABSENCES: Whether or not your student attends class during all days of the cycle, you are responsible for payments in full. Notice is required for those dropping out. 

Late Pick-Up Fee: A $10.00 charge will be added to your payment after 3:15pm and for every 15 minutes after 3:15 p.m. that any child has not been picked up. 

Here at Discipled Youth Academy our goal is to help with your homeschool experience. Call us if you have questions or need more class or payment options. We will work with you, let's do this together!